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Who Are We ?

Tender Heart Designs started on a whim really in October 2019.   I decided that I was missing something, as I was no longer a dedicated soccer mom which had defined me for 12 years.  My life changed dramatically no soccer, no soccer parents, no soccer tournaments, it was a hard adjustment.  My son was grown now and needed his mom to get a life to stay out of his life. 

I merely was having coffee one Saturday morning and started browsing around You Tube looking to see what people were up to these days, when I stumbled across a video on how to make soy candles.  Well, down the rabbit hole I went never to return the same again.  I quickly got myself up and running to hit the Christmas market.  Packaging, labelling, and suppliers all in two weeks.  I was a busy woman, I was driven like never before, but was honestly loving it and  was not quitting.  I had history of always having great ideas and but never finishing them, and this time I had to prove to myself and others I was doing this no matter what. 


I had good sales though Christmas just selling one style of candle in various scents and was able to cover all my costs of goods and start-up equipment.   I was hooked, but I knew I needed to offer more products to make my little business more appealing.


Through that Christmas, it was back to You Tube University (if that fun name YTU takes off I want credit!) for me to see what else I could learn to make and add to the product line.  After hours and hours of videos and research and more research, I finally picked my items. Off to the races I went to learn how to make Cold Processed Soap, Massage Bars, amazing emollient Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, Epsom Salt Cakes, even  Fairy Dust and on top of it tweaking my candles a bit.  It has been a long three months of trial and error, making things, remaking things and even breaking a few things. Not on purpose of course.

Some of my goals for this little business is to make it strong enough  to have a nice little business to run when I retire from my real job, maybe get up enough nerve to go onto You Tube like so many and to show people of my approximate age and in the same boat after their family is gown, it is never to late to do something you want to do and possibly find themselves again after being a doting parent and wife for so many years.  Sometimes we lose sight of who we are, we put ourselves on the back burner and forget we are in fact a person and need to carve out time for ourselves.  I am happy to say I am ready to go find that person and make some great products for you all.


I am still crafing the web page here but will ge posting product shortly  I hope you enjoy them.


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